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The Digital Ladies Discuss….1rst Edition

11 Aug

Here‘s the blog we are discussing…

**A note: I don’t know about the group, but I definitely believe a dude can be raped. 100% a body can have that natural response; but we are talking about this specific case. Not all men.


Should a Male Rape Victim Have to Pay Child Support?

8 Aug

Oh man, dudes getting raped…This is tough subject right? They say that some women who are raped may experience a natural sexual arousal. So if a dudes body is responding to an unwanted sexual experience, should this be considered rape? Many believe that the answer is yes.

Kris Butcher is claiming that he was raped by his then-girlfriend. Because he was raped, he feels that he should not be paying child support for the baby that was conceived. Hmmmm what do we think?