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Movie Hop

2 Aug

The best way to movie hop! This site will actually plan a hopping schedule for you. Not that this is legal or anything…


Bechdel Test

19 Jul

Think about some of your favorite movies, or the last movie you saw. Can you answer ‘yes’ to the 3 questions below?

  1. The movie has to have a minimum of two women in it (more is fine, too; just no less than two)
  2. The two women have to actually talk to each other in the movie
  3. When they talk about something, it has to be about anything BUT a man

This test has since become a bit of a phenomenon, with feminists using it quite a bit to determine whether or not a film is female-friendly. And while you might think that the test is silly, and that it should be easy to meet these qualifications, the truth of the matter is that most movies fail this simple test. Boo.