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NYC Club Kids

20 May

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The Club Kids were a group of underground club personalities that wore outrageous costumes to nightclubs and parties. They became famous in their own right and were paid to attend parties in NYC during the late 80’s early 90’s. At the peak of their popularity they toured the nation and were featured on several talk shows. They spurred a movement and even picked up more a few more followers to join them along the way as the toured the nation before returning to NYC.

Aside from being paid to party, they also held “outlaw” parties, in places like donut shops and moving trucks. They were known for extensive drug use, including cocaine and heroin. The leaders were Michael Alig and Jame’s St. James. Michael Alig later committed a drug induced murder and wrote a book about it called ‘Disco Bloodbath’. A movie was later made based on the Club Kids, called ‘Party Monster‘. It’s a pretty crazy movie starring McCauley Culkin and Seth Green. It’s pretty low budget but keep watching, you will recognize a lot of great actors.

The movement is so interesting to me, because it was based on radical self expression. Lady Gaga would fit right in with these guys. My guess is, she was influenced by their style. So much has branched from this movement, including current rave culture, or the fashion label Heatherette (one of the designers, Richie Rich is a former club kid!). Check out some of the above photos or clip below to get a better idea…Turn up your volume! And you might recognize Amanda Lepore in this clip: