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Rebel Bingo

14 May

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I am writing to you covered in marker because last night, I went to Rebel Bingo. Rebel Bingo is a traveling bingo game with a DJ, naughty theme and prizes like a large blow up swimming pool. The problem is, there is very little info about it and people (well…most people) are really afraid of the unknown. I got free entry for me and a few friends, so that helped me to persuade a group into joining me…but seriously, I got about 100 texts about the event ranging from, ‘What the fuck is this?’ to ‘Is everyone on drugs?’ and my fav, ‘Do I wear rave clothes?’. Don’t people take risks anymore?

Everyone ended up having a really good time (I told you so)! Rebel bingo is just a big party, with bingo and a DJ. You can purchase tickets online for about $10. Rebel bingo travels around the country and doesn’t disclose it’s location until the day of, to participants. It’s not like a club, there is no VIP or bottle service, no talking your way in past a bouncer. You come on time, show your ticket and that’s that – rather refreshing. This also creates an environment of equality, where people feel comfortable meeting and chatting with one another because everyone is on the same level and simply there to have a good time…Or maybe it was because I had a Spirit Hood on???

Yeah, that’s right a Spirit Hood. My blogger friend Tucker over at YayLifeTribe.com let me borrow his lion hood for the night, as a kind of social experiment. First of all, I am a bit of a hippie, so looking like a wild fucking animal? That’s just fun. But wearing Spirit Hoods is plain entertaining. When you aren’t taking yourself so seriously, people actually approach you, laugh, smile and strike up conversations – maybe even give you a head rub – meow. I also enjoyed roaring at strangers. I’m sold…Tucker can you get me a discount? I think ‘the wolf’ is calling my name. 🙂