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Feminist IS NOT a Dirty Word

30 Aug

FEMINISM DEFINED: “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”  <—- Does this sound scary???


When I was growing up, I was always drawn to strong female role models. I grew up in a relatively small mid-west town. My family was very liberal, and smart – I felt empowered. I also felt like the odd-one-out all the time. I saw and heard things on a daily basis that just didn’t sit well with me. I was constantly walking a fine line:  make my life easier by fitting in, or speak up and act on the things I didn’t agree with.

I definitely am a feminist. In fact, most of my friends are too. But why don’t we use that word more often? Why is it weird to tell a guy, or a group of people that you are a feminist? Because it’s not sexy? Well fuck you 🙂 I’m a feminist. And I think we need to all start using this word more. I am an informed, empowered young lady.  It doesn’t mean I always lead with that foot, or act like a “bitch”. I am not looking for an argument. In fact, I am looking to be exceedingly happy!! It simply means I have respect for myself and consider men and women equals…not so scary right?

So dudes, you really need to calm down and well, “relax”.  Just because I am a feminist, doesn’t mean I am going to bite your head off over something silly. We all make mistakes and say stupid things. (Like I always say “that’s retarded”….I KNOW I MUST STOP!) If you are well-intentioned and show me a decent level of respect, I am going to let you get away with a few things…maybe a lot of things if I find you funny too. Just don’t hate on feminists, because if you do, it probably means you have a small penis.