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5 Religious Cults to Avoid

20 Aug

What is a religious cult? It is defined as: a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister…muahahah. Below is a list of a few crazy & destructive, religious cults:

1. The Manson Family

Charles Manson had his following believe that the Beatles were sending encrypted spiritual messages to them in order to avoid impending disaster. They were the chosen ones. Members were coerced into prostitution and murder. The most famous murder, being that of Sharon Tate.

2. Aum Shinrikyo

A Japanese religious group that began in a yoga studio. The religion ties in some popular Japanese anime and manga themes and it called, by some, a religion for the elite. This org is responsible for secretly manufacturing the nerve agent sarin and later VX gas. Aum tested their sarin on sheep at a remote ranch in Western Australia, killing 29 sheep. Both sarin and VX were then used in several assassinations (and attempts) over 1994-1995. Most notably on the night of 27th June 1994, the cult carried out the world’s first use of chemical weapons in a terrorist attack against civilians when they released sarin in the central Japanese city of Matsumoto. This Matsumoto incident killed seven and harmed 200 more.

3. Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate is a destructive, doomsday cult centered in California. 21 women and 18 men voluntarily committed suicide in three groups on three successive days starting on March 23, 1997. Most were in their 40′s; the rest covered an age range of 26 to 72. Two months later, two additional members, Charles Humphrey and Wayne Cooke attempted suicide in a hotel room a few miles from the Rancho Santa Fe mansion; Cooke succeeded. They followed a syncretistic religion, combining elements of Christianity with unusual beliefs about the nature of UFOs.

4. Scientology

I have personally done quite a bit of research on Scientology. What I don’t like about the organization is their extreme harassment of opposition and the lack of information and transparency. The web information you will find is very black and white – and I am sure that there is a lot of grey out there I won’t have the opportunity to learn about and this is because the organization chooses to be mysterious with it’s teachings and selective with it’s members. There are some pretty crazy accusations against this organization out there, including murder of it’s own members. Many people believe that Scientology is a very large, modern day, cult. There is a group of web hackers/geniuses called anonymous, that is on a mission to out their mis-truths. It’s a rather interesting little battle!

5. Jamestown

On 18 November 1978, more than 900 people died in the largest mass murder/suicide in American history. Most of the deaths occurred in a jungle encampment in Guyana, South America, where members of a group called Peoples Temple lived in a utopian community and agricultural project known as Jonestown. Most died after drinking a fruit punch laced with cyanide and tranquilizers. Jonestown serves as a lesson in how a combination of media, government, and citizens can create a climate of persecution and fear. It also provides an example of how uncritical acceptance of the status quo and social and geographic isolation can lead to violence and even death.