OMG a Sex Toy for Dogs

19 Aug

The photos are pretty self-explanatory. They are called “Hot Doll for Dog”. This is just gross! They even sell replacement ‘cone’ inserts for the back end of the doll..Lolz. At 150 euro a pop, I wondering how they are selling?


Jellyfish Lake

18 Aug


Jellyfish Lake is a lake located on an island in  Palau. Everyday, the golden jellyfish migrate across the lake, following the sun. There are no other predators in the lake, so they don’t sting. Because of their isolation, they have evolved differently than any other jellyfish, it’s own little rad species. Pretty cool huh?

Culture Freak Photo of the Week: Monk’s Let Loose

17 Aug

Lucid Dreams: How to

14 Aug

Have you ever had a lucid dream IE: one in which you know you’re dreaming? They can be pretty awesome. When you know you’re dreaming, you can totally make things go you’re way, fly, rob banks and other cool stuff. So supposedly here is how you can get yourself to have lucid dreams more often.

Step 1. Put a dot on your hand

Step 2. Glance at your hand throughout the day and ask, am I dreaming?

Step 3. Answer “ofcourse not!” and move on. Don’t think too much about it or think about your surroundings.

This will start to enforce a self-checking system and you may start doing this in dreamland – to which you will answer “OMG where is my dot!? I’m dreaming.”Good luck.

People are AWESOME and Crazy

12 Aug

The “Swimming Cities of Serenissima” is a floating fleet of art boats – created entirely from trash. A crew, led  by Tianna Kennedy (a New Yorker) drove the art boats from the coast of Slovenia to the heart of Venice, Italy. The crew was assembled from a random mix of dumpster-diving, freegans with experience in living on the cheap. The goal was to ride the assembled boats to Venice, Italy – put on a show, and then disassemble them.

Apparently the trip was not without suffering. Kennedy claims that the journey was pretty miserable and the crew survived mostly on bread, Prosecco and beer. I think it’s pretty rad what people can do with no money, and all in the name of art! I mean look at these art boats, It’s like a fairy tale.



The Digital Ladies Discuss….1rst Edition

11 Aug

Here‘s the blog we are discussing…

**A note: I don’t know about the group, but I definitely believe a dude can be raped. 100% a body can have that natural response; but we are talking about this specific case. Not all men.

Royal T Cafe

9 Aug

I went to Royal T this weekend for brunch with some friends. The service was crap, but the fact they they are in Japanese maid costumes is rather entertaining – and the cafe is inside of a modern art space. If you are willing to head down to Culver city, it’s totally worth a trip. Be sure to jam out in the port-o-party 🙂

Should a Male Rape Victim Have to Pay Child Support?

8 Aug

Oh man, dudes getting raped…This is tough subject right? They say that some women who are raped may experience a natural sexual arousal. So if a dudes body is responding to an unwanted sexual experience, should this be considered rape? Many believe that the answer is yes.

Kris Butcher is claiming that he was raped by his then-girlfriend. Because he was raped, he feels that he should not be paying child support for the baby that was conceived. Hmmmm what do we think?




6 Aug

Impulse Control in Kids

5 Aug

This is a super funny example of kids attempting to use flex their impulse control muscles…They are told they can have one marshmallow (that is sitting right in front of them) OR if they wait, they will get a second marshmallow. Watch what happens: