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Bill Gates’ Mug Shot

4 Sep

This was over some minor street violation in New Mexico. I feel like he’s smiling because he now has a shred of swagger. 70’s f’awesome-ness.


Magical Marijuana Map

1 Sep

Super interesting map shows you where pot is the cheapest (dark green) and where you will be fined or jailed for low-level possession. Shocker, LA is cheap and the fine is low. Oh and jail time? Yeah, you won’t go there for low-level marijuana possession in LA. So smoke on, my stoner friends.


Culture Freak Photo of the Week

28 Aug

Culture Freak Photo of the Week: Monk’s Let Loose

17 Aug

Lucid Dreams: How to

14 Aug

Have you ever had a lucid dream IE: one in which you know you’re dreaming? They can be pretty awesome. When you know you’re dreaming, you can totally make things go you’re way, fly, rob banks and other cool stuff. So supposedly here is how you can get yourself to have lucid dreams more often.

Step 1. Put a dot on your hand

Step 2. Glance at your hand throughout the day and ask, am I dreaming?

Step 3. Answer “ofcourse not!” and move on. Don’t think too much about it or think about your surroundings.

This will start to enforce a self-checking system and you may start doing this in dreamland – to which you will answer “OMG where is my dot!? I’m dreaming.”Good luck.

Miru Kim

19 Jun

Miru Kim sneaks into abandoned building and interesting public places and takes photos of herself….naked! The photos are really interesting, I’m a little obsessed. How bad ass is she?

Vintage Photo: 60’s Acid Dealers

18 Jun


How much does acid go for these days? … Whaaat!!? Fucking inflation.


13 Jun

Mostly in Africa but also in Australia, Asia and Thailand. Pygmies are defined as groups of people in which theĀ  grown men average under 4’11. That’s small! Scientists are still not 100% sure on how these groups of people evolved. Some think it’s an adaptation to the low levels of sunlight of the jungle (resulting in low levels of vitamin D). Others think it is just more suitable to their lifestyle – less food, easier to move through the jungle etc.

Genetically, the pygmies are extremely divergent from all other human populations, suggesting they have an ancient indigenous lineage. Some believe they evolved from late stone-age hunter gatherers.

Culture Freak Photo of the Week: Vintage Skateboarding

9 Jun

Taken at the Hermosa Beach Pier, CA.


29 May