An Interview with a Sugar Baby

31 Jul

I had  the pleasure of interviewing the fabulous, K who is a sugar baby. What is a sugar baby you ask? Read on my friend…


CFLA: What is a sugar baby and sugar daddy?
K: Generally, a “sugar baby” is someone that is taken care of by the Daddy/Momma  financially and/or through gifts, trips etc.

CFLA: How does it work?
K: I believe every situation is unique. Mine for example includes a credit card I can use whenever and however I want with no limit.  I have access to an assistant who books my travel and arranges other personal things for me.

CFLA: How many daddies do you have right now?
K: I have had the same one for 8 years.

CFLA: How do the relationships usually work?
We run in a very private, monied crowd of entertainment people. I go on trips as needed and we  travel together or attend events as needed. We also take some trips alone as we are very good friends and truly enjoy each others company. Our relationship has evolved over the years. I am a very discreet person and very well educated. Therefore, I can be in many different situations with a variety of people and hold my own.

CFLA: Is there sex involved?
K: In the beginning yes. Not really anymore. We are really close and I’m very protective of our relationship and our privacy.

CFLA: What is your longest sugar daddy/baby relationship, how do you find them?
Only one. 8 years

CFLA: Have you every found yourself in a risky situation?
Never. Quite the opposite actually. I am very protected, respected and treated truly like a princess.

CFLA: Do you have sugar baby friends? Does your family know?
I do know women I would consider sugar babies, although they might protest. I am not close friends with any of them. And yes my family is aware.

CFLA: How did you first become a sugar baby?
I was on a trip to the south of France and we met there. I was very taken at first and once believed it would be something more. But, once we became involved it was clear what it was. Which in the long run as been the best scenario. I am lucky! We have a mutual respect and admiration for each other. I have seen so many where that is not the case. Although, we do not usually associate with those types.


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  1. crg06 August 1, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    ok i’m on the look out now !! lol

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