Individual Action

29 Jul

I watched 2 documentaries last night: No Impact Man and The Human Experience. Both of them really drove home one point for me: Individual Action is IMPORTANT. What is individual action? It is something YOU do, NOW to create some sort of positive change in our world.

I think that sometimes, we become bogged down by the fact that our leaders aren’t changing, the laws aren’t changing etc…so no difference can be made by just one person. But the truth is, even a low level of individual action can make change. An example is this: My friend Carey Volunteers at Reading to Kids. She only goes once a month and she mentioned it to me one day. Then I realized, “OMG I am such an asshole! I have been meaning to volunteer and I haven’t been” So her small act of kindness rubbed off on me and prompted me to get involved – not to mention the kids she is helping at her reading session. Her boyfriend also just jumped on board too.

Another friend of mine, Jamie volunteered at a soup kitchen downtown. She said no one could believe that she was there by her own free will, not a student ordered to volunteer by a professor or doing community service to lessen her punishment in a court. That is sad! Us young people, need to fucking get involved!!

If we all took even a small step – it could make a difference. No Impact Man’s blog says, “Firstly, there is one circumstance under which one person absolutely cannot make a difference: if that one person doesn’t try. And if we don’t try, who among us knows whether we have foregone the chance to influence the people around us?” He also said this, and I think this is a very important point: “We need to pick up a new model of “engaged citizenship,” in which we realize that the way we live affects everyone around us.” – This is why volunteering is important. Because it makes you more aware of the world in which we live in and instills a sense of responsibility and community.

Live in Weho and want to get involved? Below are a few organizations I think would be a great place to start:

Reading to Kids – Read to kids around LA once a month

Family Literacy Project – Help gather and distribute used reading materials

The Trevor Project – Counsel LGBTQ Teens via their hotline

Big Sunday – Volunteer every Sunday with different organizations, but the same people – Has a ton of opportunities and will find help you locate the perfect place to donate your time.


2 Responses to “Individual Action”

  1. Claire July 30, 2011 at 4:54 AM #

    Great ideas! And if adding volunteering to your schedule seems daunting, folks can still make the world a better place by doing anything, any ONE thing, each day like– picking up litter on the beach, putting change in the charity jar on the counter of a local restaurant, reporting suspected abuse, or calling an aging relative just to chat. We stop feeling helpless and hopeless when we take action and connect with others.

  2. crg06 August 1, 2011 at 8:51 PM #

    yes i need to do more then i do.. I do coach a peewee football team and it is very gratifying

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