Letter Salutations

24 Jul

My Nana used to always dramatically end her letters to family with “Love You Madly” and I loved that. So it got me thinking, what are some other cool/interesting salutations? Here’s a list:

yours till the chocolate chips
love and lollies
Till the world caves in
afterwhile crocodile
Keep the faith
Hugs and pogo sticks!
yours till niagra falls
Do svedaniya (“until we meet” in Russian)
Peace be with you
yours regardless
with warmth
Affectionately yours
catch ya on the flip side
With kind affection
Be happy or sea feliz (in spanish)
Take care, comb your hair
Over & Out
G’Day, Mate
Till Ice Skates
bisous (French, kisses)
bjocas (Portuguese short for beijocas, kisses)
peace, love, and vitamin c
plant you now, dig you later
Out like a fat kid in dodgeball
Love, Luck, and Lollipops!
Yours until God wants to fistfight
Until the morrow
later hosen
off like a prom dress
Later Skater
don’t behave


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