5 Ways to Become More Soulful

15 Jul

1. Say Thanks. You don’t have to pray to count your blessings. Before you fall asleep go over a few things that you’re thankful for that day. This will help you to re-focus on the important things and chill the fuck out. Like really, we stress about the most insignificant things sometimes.

2. Listen. Make it your goal each day to really listen to what one person is saying. Don’t think about what you want to say next, or how you can help, become involved etc. Just really listen and observe a person when they speak. You will learn a lot.

3. Read. TV rots your brain, I swearz. So does sitting on Facebook all day. It is proven that our brains get addicted to the endorphins we get from the random responses and interaction we receive on social networks. Rest your brain. Reading before bed is a better way to calm your mind.

4. Music. Music is good for the soul. Discover new music you love and enjoy. People used to just sit around the radio and listen to music. You can do it too! Less is more. Also, being alone is good. Everyone should re-charge.

5. Love. Support someone and show them love in a way they wouldn’t expect. I can be pretty outrageous, fickle, stubborn etc. But I pride myself on my friendships – the people that put up with me! I have some really amazing, true friends in my life. I think it’s so important to foster those relationships. Lovers come and go, but friendship is forever.


*Above is Samuel Larson…I love how he looks. Unique and relaxed. Below is my best friend Kristen’s favorite song…well at least for a while it was. It always makes me smile 🙂


One Response to “5 Ways to Become More Soulful”

  1. Claire July 16, 2011 at 4:29 AM #

    I was glad to see that you put “say thanks” first. Once I start focusing on all that went right, or simply didn’t go wrong in my recent past, I realize how much there is to be grateful for. Feeling sorry for myself or feeling like a victim robs me of my sence of empowerment. Yeah, icky stuff happens all the time, but only life-and-death stuff deserves the kind of attention many of us waste on being stuck in traffic or the store running out of our favorite brand.

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