Save the Tata’s/Boobies?

14 Jul

So have you noticed these breast cancer campaigns? ‘Save the Boobies’ ‘Save the Tatas’ etc? Now I feel bad slamming any campaign that is working to make money for cancer research…but for some reason these campaigns really rub me the wrong way. I mean we are dealing with cancer people, this isn’t a sexy thing. This is a human being with a life threatening disease. Sexual-izing anything about that experience feels wrong. Also, men get breast cancer. I mean we don’t exactly have a ‘Save the Dicks’ campaign for prostate cancer do we? No. Because it’s our society’s tendency to sexualize woman and not men. That being said….

Despite all of this, the truth is: I support (almost) any method of making money for a good cause. So, where do you stand?


One Response to “Save the Tata’s/Boobies?”

  1. crg06 July 14, 2011 at 8:23 PM #

    as hot as the picture is, i have to agree with you.People dealing with breast cancer or have a loved one that is,the only thing on there mind is living a full healthy life.. The add i’m sure reminds women all over who have had to have one or both removed of what society thinks is sexy… Fact is its a lot more the just the tata’s that make women sexy.

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