Friend or Foe

6 Jul

I recently read the following and found it very applicable to my life. Sometimes you need to stop making excuses for people, and being terrified of losing a relationship; in order to save yourself from further pain and investing in someone who isn’t investing in you in the same capacity. Below is a little blog I found called “The 5 Second Friendship Test:

“Sometimes, exceptionally complex things in life can be distilled down to a single moment.

A close friend of mine recently told me a story about her old, dear college roommate, Sarah, who didn’t come to her mother’s funeral. Sarah, my friend told me, had had all kinds of terrible situations with her own mother. Sarah had two kids. Sarah was under a lot of stress at work. Sarah had troubles with intimacy. But Sarah was still a good person and a good friend.

I listened to all this. I groped around for something to say. But what I needed was a video camera in order to tape the 10 minutes that my friend spent talking about Sarah, then cut the footage down to the five seconds during which she said, “Sarah didn’t come to my mom’s funeral.”

Yes, life is complicated and messy. Yes, people do regrettable things for a myriad of understandable reasons. But sometimes five seconds all is we need to tell us what is really going on in a relationship. Then we can spend the next five—or 5,000—seconds figuring out what to do about it.” – (source)


One Response to “Friend or Foe”

  1. crg06 July 6, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    Made me think .. Nice blog

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