San Francisco Pride 2011

28 Jun

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So I have been to LA Pride, and it’s always a blast so I figured why not check it out AND take my first trip to San Fran all in one weekend!? Done. My first impression of San Fran was how slow paced it is. This might, in part be due to the fact that I was staying with my stoner/law student friend who is pretty relaxed – but everyone else seemed to be on the same agenda: Sleep in, walk to grab coffee, take your time, laugh. It’s really nice to slow down sometimes. It’s also super chilly there, so it’s totally acceptable to throw on some sweats, a flannel and hit the town.

Saturday was Dyke March, the entire day is devoted to the lesbian community as a way to take back Pride from the very commercialized, very gay-male heavy, Sunday parade. People hang out all day in the park and then gather to march to the Castro. No men allowed. It was a blast and a great way to see the city. Lots-o-nudity (which I failed to capture in the above photos). Sunday was the parade, and I would say LA has San Fran beat. The parade was more like a crazy fair, and I couldn’t even see the parade because it was so crowded – not really worth your time. We bounced and spent the afternoon day drinking at a bar in the Castro.

Such a fun trip :).


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