Self-Deprecating Humor = Sexy

21 Jun

Dudes, listen up. Making fun of yourself and not taking yourself so seriously, is seriously sexy. I recently met someone who isn’t someone I would necessarily date, but who has a real knack at lifing my spirits, making me laugh, and just brings joy to people around him. If you know me at all, you know that I am not a easy nut to crack. If you are a dude with an ego I will sniff you out from a mile away and probably make and effort to put you in your place. It’s a bad habit, I know but they are just so annoying to me!

Anyways, this made me realize something. Being able to laugh at yourself and not get defensive when people poke fun at you, is really just a sign of confidence and patience. Two things that are really important, and sexy! Plus, it’s scientifically proven!!!

“Many studies show that a sense of humour is sexually attractive, especially to women, but we’ve found that self-deprecating humour is the most attractive of all,” said Gil Greengross, an anthropologist and author of ‘Dissing Oneself: The Sexual Attractiveness of Self-Deprecating Humour’. So dudes, and ladies: stop taking yourself so god damn seriously! And I should probably try to take my own advice…:)


2 Responses to “Self-Deprecating Humor = Sexy”

  1. Chase June 22, 2011 at 9:16 PM #

    I agree,A woman that can diss on herself and laugh about it is sexy. I also find that sharing my daily misshaps with others always seems bring a smile and inturn makes me smile..I part-time tend bar so sharing my daily fuck-ups is done pretty regular.I’ll leave you with one of many..Once a girl i was dating and i were going to exchange Christmas gifts,when she asked me what i wanted i said i needed a wallet and a brown bi fold leather one would be nice to have.. I was pretty specific i thought.. so i get to her house and she got me some nice polo shirts that where a size to small that had to be exchanged.. and some gym shorts that i think come down close to my ankles.So by now i can see she is getting a little upset that all her gifts have to be exchanged ..So i open my last gift and its a wallet alright and its a Hurley brand wallet butttttttt….. Its VELCRO !!! I looked at it and thought to myself ” what am I 8 ? ” the last time i had a velcro wallet i was about 8 and kept my milk money in it… Oh and it gets even better, she bought a fuckn belt that matches it !!!! So like i said she had started to get upset about the gifts all having to be exchanged so i didn’t have the heart to tell her i wasn’t 8 and the wallet had to be exchanged ,so i lied and said i liked it… So the next day i’m at the bank to deposit some cash, the bank is packed i mite add and i finally make it to the front of the line and allthe sudden its supper quiet, I hold the wallet kind of under the counter because yea i’m a little embarrassed for anyone to see my velcro wallet .. so i slowly start to open it and you hear KrEEEEAK < velcro opening noise and its loud !! The bank teller lady laughs and says nice wallet !!! I know i turned six shades of red…This really happend and i hope it put a smile on anyone that mite have read it…….

  2. Chase June 22, 2011 at 9:46 PM #

    there needs to be a edit button on here :/

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