Working as an Extra

28 May

Back in 2009 I was, like many others here in LA, pursuing a career as an actress. So when I quit my job while ago, I called up my old background/extra casting agencies and asked if they could put me to work again. My first job was yesterday and I realized these people have a culture of their own. You can really see and learn a lot about people when you are on set with them for 12 hours straight. Here are the different types of extra’s I noticed while on the job…

The Overly Friendly Regular:

This girl/guy has been doing extra work for a while. They know a bunch of the other extras and LOVE to chat about anything and everything. They ask to borrow your lip gloss, gum, hair brush etc…

The Mom with Too Much Time:

She is chatty as well. A mom who’s kids have left the nest and she’s feeling bored so she started doing extra work. She lovesss seeing the celebs and is always trying to sneak a peek.

The Whiny Regular:

They know the system and they work it. They bitch about the food and race to be first in line. This extra is over the job and is not afraid to let you know.

The Slacker:

Similar to whiny regular, they love to work the system. They want to do the least amount of work they possibly can. They have been known to check in and disappear of set then re-appear to check out. They nap whenever and wherever they can.

The Brown Noser:

An actor who is doing extra work in hopes of getting a SAG voucher or being featured in a big way. They are always trying to get to the front of the crowd and closer to the cameras. They try and chat with anyone on-staff in hopes of getting a foot in the door or making a valuable connection.


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