An Interview with an Atheist

22 May

I recently had the opportunity to interview Tim Brooks, an Atheist and the founder of the Church of Liberty; an anti-faith based organization created for and by people who do not follow a religion or believe in god. I think the term, ‘Atheist’ is a hot topic for many people. It also has a negative connotation, which I personally find unfair. All of us are born without religion. We are taught about faith, religion and spirituality as we grow….typically as an explanation or response to the things we don’t entirely understand. What if there is no answer, and we accepted that? A very thought provoking interview. Big thanks to Tim for the information! Learn more about The Church of Liberty, and Athiesm on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading.

CFLA: Can you please explain what the Church of Liberty is?

TIM: We are anti-faith based organization dedicated to furthering the understanding of life, the universe, and everything .

What is your mission?

To distract, disrupt, and confuse any person, organization, or entity that intends to indoctrinate children with an immoral mental framework.

Typical atheist organizations believe it possible to use only reason to stop insanity.  We don’t share this sentiment, when necessary we fight fire with fire.  This necessity arises quite often due to the simple fact that if religious people could be reasoned with there wouldn’t be any.

Are all members of the church Atheists?

Probably, all though some prefer to be called names like Anti-theist, humanist, naturist, secularist, secular humanist…

Were you raised in a religion?

No, I did however myself seek understanding of religion when I was around 10 yrs old, by convincing local neighbors (or vice versa) that I needed to go to church. So they took me to a Pentecostal Church they attended where I witnessed people talking in tongues and other zany rituals.  I even joined their religious version of the boy scouts called the Royal Rangers mostly to get out of the house on the weekends and go camping or something.   I would corner people trying to get to the bottom of some of the things that I did not understand, and I always got lies, deceit, and other bullshit, after I would show dissatisfaction in this, they would send me to someone else, who would try to bullshit me even more.

At one point I can remember them talking about the Anti-Christ and actually being scared that they might be talking about me, that maybe I was him and that neither I nor them knew it,  It made me glad they didn’t know what I thought.  This issue bothered me for some time, I did not believe in a God but everyone around me did, I thought for sure that if what they were saying were actually true, then I must indeed be the Anti-Christ.  I eventually learned that God did not exist and was just a fairy tale, and that fact comforts me.  By the time I was 12 I believed the same thing about God that I currently do about The Tooth Fairy,  The Easter Bunny, Thor, Zeus, and so on…..

It was not till I was considerably older when religion started to effect my life negatively.  I also then learned that God is not the same as Thor but instead something that is more like Craniometry, Alternative Medicine, or Faith Healing, things that are damaging and harmful to humanity as a whole.

How did you become involved in the Church of Liberty?

I founded it in response to Richard Dawkins’ Call to Arms (video below).

What kinds of people typically become involved in the Church of Liberty?

Anti-theists who want to make a difference.

What is your take on the Bible?

The bible can not stand on its positions just as a person can not be put on a shelf and ignored.

Do you know of any elected, Atheist, government officials?

In the United States, just Pete Stark and Ernie Chambers that I know of.  They are very few and far between

How do you think religion is affecting our government?

The smartest people in the world are atheists.
Atheists are unelectable for the most part in our country unless they lie about their beliefs.
This rules out the people who are the best qualified to run our government, the people who are simultaneously smart and honest.
Something needs to be done, and we are helping to do it.

What would you say to someone, who assumed Atheists’ have no morals?

Knowledge is built on other peoples shoulders, without newton there would have been no Einstein, without Einstein you wouldn’t have had a physics class in high school.  A person who says this has no knowledge of what morals are or how people arrive at them.  Start by reading a book by Sam Harris called The Moral Landscape then get back with me.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

A new wave of reason is sweeping the nation.
God is only myth supported only by fantasy spread thru fear, indoctrination, and false hope.


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