A Free College for all in San Francisco

15 May

And this is when I wish I lived in San Fran…Damnit, why are you always outdoing us? Some of San Francisco’s big thinkers got together in an underground meeting and decided to create a free college. Here is their mission statement:

“The Free University of San Francisco aims to make the highest level of education available, completely free, to any individual who wants it, regardless of color, creed, age, gender, nationality, religion or immigration status—a university free of money, taught for free. The only requirement for membership is a desire to teach and/or a desire to learn.” – FUSF

At this point, degrees aren’t offered, but some bad ass classes are like, ‘Revolutions of the 1960’s vs 2011’ and ‘What your boss doesn’t want you to know: Your rights at work’ – a class we could ALL use these days. As a college grad, I love the idea of a place to go and continue my education without cost or long term commitment. I also imagine this is a gathering of some interesting people and free-thinkers. Way to go FUSF! I hope more of these pop up around the country soon.

PS. I love this quote:
“In some sense, youth anywhere belong to us, the human family, no less then our own children. We have a profound responsibility both to protect and defend them….And yet, for decades now most of us have stood by idly and even to some extent participated in the corporate profit-driven culture in which, for the sake of an illusion of freedom and prosperity we have permitted our own youth to be brainwashed and bankrupted even as they are channeled by the privatized educational system into fifty stories-high slave labor work camps of air-conditioned glass and steel for corporate Capitalist profit-making.” – Alan Kaufman, FUSF Founder

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