Bracelet Meanings

13 May

Bracelets! I love idea of wearing one until it falls off to commemorate a person or experience. Recently I attended Coachella and made friends with a raver while taking a break from the hot Sahara music tent. I was sitting in the shade and he approached me in a really peaceful, friendly way. We chatted for awhile and he asked if he could give me a rave name…which I later learned doesn’t happen often. Then he gave me a rave bracelet. This one must have taken him an while to make, it’s really intricate (photo above). I have been known to make bracelets and give them to friends and boyfriends (maybe I picked up this habit at summer camp?). Below is a list of different kinds of bracelets and what they mean to different people/cultures of our generation…

Rave Bracelet: A bight colorful bracelet made by ravers to commemorate their rave experiences and new friendships.

Friendship Bracelets: a handmade braided, string or beaded bracelet that is presented as a token of friendship.

Hemp Bracelets: Hemp tolerates water and sweat, making them a favorite among surfers and skaters and stoners.

Sex Bracelets: Plastic Jelly bracelet. Indicates what sexual acts the wearer is willing to perform. Here is the key.

Kabbalah Red Bracelet: Worn by people who practice Kabbalah to ward off evil and for their belief in Jewish mysticism.

Cause Bands: This trend was started by Live Strong (Lance Armstrong Foundation) these are large rubber bands that one wears to support a cause.


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