9 May

So we have all heard of vegan but have you heard of freegan? Freegans are people who look for free food, typically in dumpsters behind grocery stores. They do not eat food that is spoiled or might make them sick,  just slightly beyond it’s expiration or no longer desirable to the grocery store.

Freegans aren’t homeless or desperate, they are making a statement. As a society, we consume and waste so much but I don’t think I would want to dumpster dive for my dinner! I do however love this organization: Food Not Bombs. An organization that schedules pick-ups with various sources to rescue food that would other-wise be tossed and provide it to the hungry. It is loosely associated with the freegan movement.



2 Responses to “Freegan”

  1. laurel May 13, 2011 at 3:38 PM #

    I was raised freegan for a time… Highly ethical, wonderfully conservative and resourceful, and a powerful social statement… but dumpsters are so dirty!


  1. People are AWESOME and Crazy « Culture Freak L.A. - August 12, 2011

    […] to the heart of Venice, Italy. The crew was assembled from a random mix of dumpster-diving, freegans with experience in living on the cheap. The goal was to ride the assembled boats to Venice, Italy […]

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