Slab City

7 May

Have you ever dreamt of selling all your shit, buying a camper and traveling the country? I have! In fact here is a great website that will give you all the cheap/free RV camping spots in the US. But Slab City is not comprised of all passerbys. There is a community that has developed there. Why? Because it’s free.

Ever since watching “Into the Wild” I have been fascinated with Slab City an abandoned military base in Southern California where squatters and hippies alike live in RV’s and tents at no cost. It’s called Slab City or ‘The Slabs’ because of the slabs of cement left behind on the base. I just watched a short docu on it. There seems to be a really amazing community there. Some good people and some bad  just like all communities – but it is such a unique culture. It’s desert-like but close enough to neighboring towns for people to have access to water. There is also Salvation Mountain (above) a huge shrine to god and love created by a hippie that has lived there for many many years after supposedly crash landing there in a hot air balloon :).

There is a free, community run library and an underground hot spring travelers use as a shower. The place seems surreal I would definitely love to go and spend some time there maybe photograph it.


This scene was actually shot in Slab City. The audience, real community members.


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