An Introduction to Burning Man

5 May

Burning man is not a music festival. It is more intense and eclectic than Coachella or Bonaroo and no bands play…well no band are promised to play… It takes place in a desert. Everything you need, you bring. Burning Man is a pop-up community in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. There are no rules (aside from ones that provide basic protection to participants) and there is no money. If you forget something you need, one would have to barter or trade for that item. There is a saying a friend once told me, about Burning Man. It was along the lines of ‘The desert will provide’. It is and experiment of ‘radical self expression‘.

Burning Man is a temporary artistic community. People wear costumes, create and interact with art, expand their minds, dance, sing and live. Anything goes. Having spoken to several participants they all cited a feeling of safety and trust in other participants (ranging in the thousands). There is relatively little theft or injury. Each camp is assigned an address and even a mayor of their mini, Burning Man, city! It is quite organized, but also extremely chaotic and stimulating. Groups of artists plan large scale art structures or interesting day and night activities.

Burning man is hard to explain to someone who has never been because each participant or ‘burner’ has such a different experience and each year things change. Everyone I know, that has gone, has said that is was life changing and intense. I hope to go some day!

Does this sound like something you would want to do??


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